Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Heading for the Hills

Transparent Watercolor
14" x 20"

These are the late spring foothills of Mount Diablo viewed from the Northgate valley in Walnut Creek, California. The rains of any significance have come and gone, and the glowing golden grasses adorning the lower hills have begun their soft summer song, a peaceful raiment that will endure until the late fall rains return. I completed a plein air watercolor study of the site on May 25th, and made this painting in the studio from my study and photos.


  1. This is a gorgeous painting. The inspiration you felt about the scene shines through so clearly. I especially like the value pattern on this painting and the previous one from China Camp.

  2. Well, that is such a nice comment, thank you. It is especially welcome as your own paintings of this particular Mt. Diablo view are delightful.
    See: http://nancypartovi.blogspot.com/

  3. I love this painting. Wondering if I'm able to purchase a picture of it in a digital format as I'd like to use something like this for my business cards?